Heavenly Stars Fireworks incorporating Heavens Above Fireworks, are the UK’s Master Distributor for Celestis Memorial Space Flights.

Ashes into SpaceCelestis are the pioneers of memorial spaceflights, offering families globally the chance to send their loved one’s ashes into space since 1997.

Heavenly Stars Fireworks are able to offer four spaceflight memorial packages that place a symbolic portion of cremated ashes (cremains) in space.

With options to send your loved one into space and back to Earth, a journey around the Earth’s orbit, a trip to the Lunar surface or even a voyage into deep space and beyond.

Families are able to attend the launches from well-known launch locations including Cape Canaveral and Spaceport America in New Mexico, and where possible Celestis provide a live webstream service.

Utilizing the latest space rockets including the Space X – Falcon 9 rocket to take your loved one to over 350 miles above the earth and beyond. Celestis also offer an easy-to-use tracking tool so you can follow your loved ones’ journey to the stars.

These stunning memorial services are suited to astronomers, adventurers or those fascinated by space, Sci-Fi fans and anyone who had the ambition to travel in a real space rocket.

Many noted celebrities such as Patrick Stewart and Susan Sarandon have declared their interest in their own space funerals, following on from the memorable spaceflight and funeral of Star Trek’s James ‘Scotty’ Doohan. Gene Roddenberry & Majel Barrett.

“Celestis will be fulfilling a pledge made to my mother in 1995, to launch both my mother and father together, side by side, and carry their spirits, memories, and the message of their life’s work into the cosmos on an infinite journey into deep space.”

— Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, son of Majel Barrett and Gene Roddenberry

Please be aware that the Celestis Memorial Spaceflights are one of many services using the launch providers’ rockets to send the ashes into space. For this reason and other technical issues with space technology. For safety, flight schedules can be cancelled and moved at short notice.

* All of Celestis services include a performance assurance guarantee. Prices are shown in US $ Dollars and will be converted at the current exchange rate plus a $95 processing fee – no VAT is payable).


Earth Rise Service

Starting from $2,495.00 (approx. £1,995.00)

The Earth Rise will send a small amount of your loved ones’ ashes into space orbit, experiencing Zero gravity before the flight capsules and modules return to Earth as a Flown Keepsake which is returned to you along with a certificate of successful launch and mission details followed by a video of commemoration of the launch.

Earth Orbit Service

Starting from $4,995.00 (approx. £3,995.00)

The uniquely compelling Earth Orbit service places your loved one’s ashes into space aboard a Celestis spacecraft. Travelling into the earth’s orbit, where your loved one will traverse the sky for months and even years before cascading into the atmosphere blazing like a shooting star in a final tribute. You can track your loved ones’ journey with a precise location in the heavens.

Luna Launch Service

Starting from $12,500.00 (approx. £9,995.00)

Send your loved one on a journey to the Earth’s nearest neighbour the Moon, creating an easily viewable and constant memorial for the one you love to the Moon and Back with this permanent lunar memorial. The flight can be tracked all the way to the moon, and a custom video is produced for the family.

Voyager Service

Starting from $12,500.00 (approx. £9,995.00)

For the true explorer in your life to go boldly into the cosmos on a permanent celestial journey into the solar system and deep space. Choosing the Voyager Service for a loved one or yourself supports further deep space exploration by creating a new class of supporters and participants in these mission types.

Memorial Flights

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* Approximate prices are shown. All final prices are converted at the exchange rate on the day of booking.

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Out 6 testimonials we scored a 4.8 out of 5
  • “My brother had his 60th birthday party on Saturday night at the same time we let off the fireworks containing my mum’s ashes. I must say what a fantastic set of fireworks they were, at the party was the five children plus grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. My mum’s brother and wife were there plus all my brother’s guests at his house and everyone was gobsmacked with the display. Thank you once again”

    - Rob Davis -
  • “Good morning Charlotte. We had the wake for my mum on Saturday and released the fireworks. They were amazing, beyond what I and everyone expected. They turned a potentially sad occasion into a happy one, a true celebration of my mum’s life. I just wanted to thank you and the company for your help and for giving my mum the send off she wanted.”

    - Sarah Burden -
  • “Thank you once again for your assistance and empathic approach in helping me in this matter. Fulfilling this element of my wife’s wishes was causing me much concern, but your help has simplified matters tremendously.”

    - David Ware -
  • “Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything. It would have been Kirsty’s birthday yesterday and we had friends and family round to celebrate. Everyone was amazed at what a fantastic display it was, so much more than we could have hoped for. You were super efficient and made the whole process very smooth. Would highly recommend!”

    - Michelle Rabbett -
  • “Hi Denise, I’ve been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for the fireworks you did for us with Caz’s ashes in. They were fantastic and the highlight of our celebration of Caz’s life that we had on November 5th, which would’ve been her 49th birthday. We had all her friends and family there and with some champagne and a few cocktails we sent her off in style. Everyone was so impressed with the rockets and letters, in fact several people thought it was a fantastic idea for themselves when the time comes…

    Once again our heartfelt thanks for allowing us the chance to honour Caz’s wishes in such style.”

    - Karen Tyler -
  • “I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Heavenly Stars Fireworks we said goodbye to Mike my partner in true style, his children Chloe and Issy thought it was the best send off. Something we will always remember for the rest of our lives. All Mikes friends and family can not thank you enough. What an amazing idea and excellent five-star service. Thank you so much.”

    - Rachael Harding -