Heavens Above Fireworks

Heavens Above Fireworks

Not only have we been extremely busy this past month preparing tribute fireworks and professional tribute firework displays for families across the U.K. in memory of their loved ones, we have also taken some exciting steps to expand our company through the purchase of Heavens Above Fireworks Limited.

Since it’s incorporation in 2004, Heavens Above Fireworks has specialised in arranging ashes into fireworks and tribute firework displays on behalf of families and friends of loved ones. Over the years, we have built up a strong working relationship and friendship with Heavens Above Fireworks so it seemed only fitting for us to take steps to purchase and incorporate the company on the news of their director’s retirement.

In addition to their offering of self-fire tribute fireworks and professional tribute firework display packages, Heavens Above Fireworks also became known as the U.K’s Master Distributor for Celestis Memorial Space Flights.

Celestis is an American company that specialises in memorial spaceflights, offering families across the globe the opportunity to send some of their loved one’s ashes into space, and we are over the moon to be able to step into the shoes of Heavens Above Fireworks and continue this relationship with Celestis.

Expanded product range

Grand send off firework package

Following our incorporation of Heavens Above Fireworks, we have also expanded our product range to include self-fire tribute firework packages for all budgets and continue to provide professional tribute firework displays for the friends and families of loved ones across the U.K.

Our professional tribute displays can be specially designed to meet your individual requirements – whether that be a display choreographed to your loved one’s favourite song, or a display full of their favourite sports team’s colour – and our self-fire tribute firework packages consist of bespoke, quality-tested fireworks that will be sure to light up the night sky for your loved one.

For more information on any of our tribute firework packages or Celestis’ spaceflight services, please contact us on sales@heavenlystarsfireworks.co.uk or call us on 01206 710777 for a chat with a member of our friendly and caring team.

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